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Tierney DiMarco

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Working in a hospital can be hard on your mental well-being. Hospital employees need to work varying shifts throughout the week, and this irregular schedule can increase the risk of mental health issues. Staff shortages can mean high pressures and heavy workloads during those shifts, which can make hospital workers feel overwhelmed. Of course, for employees who work directly with patients and their families, compassion fatigue can set in. These many stresses can leave hospital employees feeling mentally unwell.


To cope with the demands of working in a hospital environment, employees need mental health support. As a part-time or casual worker with no access to the hospital’s benefits plan, you may think you can’t get this support. In fact, you can sign up for a voluntary benefits plan.


These plans give employees access to an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), which provides short-term counselling. Benefits plans also help employees pay for medications prescribed for mental health conditions. While signing up for a voluntary benefits plan is optional, here’s why it’s so crucial to receive this mental health support.


To Protect Your Overall Health


Mental health issues don’t go away on their own. Without support for mental health, these issues can get worse, just like any other untreated health condition. Instead of experiencing just a couple of symptoms, the condition could worsen and cause many more symptoms. This makes the condition harder to treat. With mental health support, hospital employees can seek treatment for any mental health issues they’re experiencing.


Untreated mental health issues can even lead to physical problems. For example, you could feel aches and pains. Worse, chronic stress is associated with a risk of many physical health problems, like heart attacks, strokes, and premature death.


Mental health issues like depression can also lead to you neglecting other issues. For example, you could feel too unwell to take your blood pressure medications. This type of neglect could lead to serious health consequences.


To Perform Well at Work


It’s hard to do your best work when you’re experiencing mental health issues. You’re not as productive, and it’s more difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. When you’re at work in this state, you could make mistakes or otherwise perform poorly. Staying home from work can have consequences, too.


With mental health support, like the support you can access through an Employee Assistance Program, you can feel better at work and continue to perform well. This helps you continue succeeding at work, rather than being disciplined or even fired for poor performance or excess absences.


To Remain in a Career You Love


If you’re feeling overly stressed working in a hospital, you may be thinking about looking for a new career. For hospital employees who love what they do, that’s not a great option. With access to an EAP, you can get counselling about job stress, work-life balance, or other issues that are causing problems for you at work.


While some people opt to leave work due to health issues, others don’t have a choice. In Canadian workplaces, mental health issues are the leading cause of disability. Without mental health support, people with these issues could be unable to continue working, even though they want to. Needing to leave your career due to a health issue can be upsetting. Mental health support can help hospital employees remain at work.


Hospital employees have demanding jobs, and they need support for their mental health. To get the support you need, you can sign up for a voluntary benefits plan through HCP. As a current employee of a hospital, you’re guaranteed to be accepted.



Tierney DiMarco

Tierney is a communications specialist with over 12 years of experience in two industries, working with sales and marketing teams to develop and carry out marketing communications plans. Tierney has tackled projects including small and large scale advertising campaigns, print and digital marketing design, as well as copywriting and editing work. Off the clock, Tierney loves managing messy home renovations with her husband, muddy walks in the park with her schnauzer, and sleepless nights with her two toddlers. Her passions also include travel, photography, curling, and black and white movies.
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