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Shannon Lebert

 Tags: Mental Health

In recent years, the importance of maintaining good mental health has become a widely supported topic across the globe. Because mental health is not a visible issue, many people in the past were quick to dismiss mental health as a serious problem.


Modern society has now recognized the importance of looking after not just your body, but also your mind. Your mental and physical health work together as a cohesive unit—when one is suffering, the other will follow.


It’s important to not just value the importance of your mental and physical health today, but also for the future. What have you put into place to ensure you are looked after once you age? If you haven’t already started thinking about your future health, now’s the time to start. If you start prioritizing your mental and physical health today, it will greatly benefit your future quality of life.


Take a Break


We all get stressed out; it’s a natural reaction to overwhelming situations. Whether at home or work, stress should never take over your life. Stress can have negative effects on your body, which can impact your future mental and physical health.


Working yourself to the point of exhausting is not a good situation to put yourself in. Instead of pushing through, take a five-minute break to relax or practise some de-stressing exercises. You won’t believe how much a simple five minutes can change your day.


When you take preventative steps to care of and nurture your mental and physical health, you’re protecting your body from stress-related harm that can lead to serious health concerns.


Plan Ahead   


Planning for the future today will help take the stress out of tomorrow. If you keep pushing your planning back, eventually something unexpected will inevitably happen and you’ll wish you had taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your health.


What does planning ahead look like when it comes to your mental and physical health? Making sure you have the proper benefits in place can be an extremely useful tool to ensure your future mental and physical health.


Even if you only work part time, you work casual hours, or you are already retired, there are group benefit plans available for you that can help you in any future health-related emergencies. Health plans can provide the necessary coverage for you and your family, which will not only give you peace of mind today, but protection in the future.


Get a Good Night’s Sleep


We all know everyone should be sleeping approximately eight hours a night, but how often do we really? If you can’t remember the last time you got a full night’s sleep, you could be seriously jeopardizing your mental and physical health.


Not only will people be put off by your constant yawning, but sleep deprivation is directly linked to:

  1. Weight gain
  2. A weakened immune system
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Depression
  5. Diabetes
  6. Heart-related issues, including disease, hear attack, and heart failure
  7. Memory and learning problems


This is especially concerning for hospital employees. The Journal of Medical Decision Making released a study in 2016 that concluded residents who napped fewer than an hour during night shifts were more likely to make riskier, more dangerous clinical decisions.


Getting the proper amount of sleep may be difficult, especially if you work shifts. But when each of these issues has a direct link to sleep deprivation, is it worth the risk? Find the time to sleep by planning your sleep schedule in advance—set an alarm to ensure you go to bed at the right time and get a full, well-rested night’s sleep. 



Shannon Lebert

Shannon is the Benefits Administrator and Medical Underwriter for HCP and HMA. She conducts research to determine plan members eligibility for higher levels of coverage and enjoys working with the hospital human resources staff to ensure their employees are informed of the unique HCP group benefit plans. Shannon loves being an HCP team member and takes pride in being detail oriented. Outside of work, she loves spending time outdoors at the cottage, backcountry camping, and biking. When not outdoors, Shannon can be found watching movies and snuggling with her dog.
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