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Ann Marie Stuart

Health benefits provide people with peace of mind in knowing that health expenses can be covered. For casual hospital employees, having access to health benefits is often not a reality. While they have coverage through government funded health care programs such as OHIP, coverage for additional health expenses is not made available through workplaces. With part-time and casual jobs becoming increasingly popular, a large portion of the population is often left without a health benefits plan.


Benefits plans provide support to their subscribers by covering either partial or full medical costs for products and services included in their coverage. Benefits plans are important for covering emergency or unforeseen medical expenses and also for maintaining the mental and physical well-being of their subscribers. While casual hospital employees may not receive coverage through their workplaces, there are options available to receive complete benefits through Health Care Providers (HCP). Complete benefits provide a range of coverage to suit the diverse health needs of hospital employees. Here’s what you need to know so that you can obtain a complete benefits plan:


What Is Health Care Providers?


Health Care Providers offers health benefits plans to hospital employees who do not have benefits provided to them at work. They have plans that support casual, part-time, and retired hospital employees. HCP offers group benefits to individual employees so that they can access the complete coverage commonly offered through workplace group benefits.


How Do I Qualify?


The requirements are simple:you mustwork in a hospital and not receive any heath care coverage through your job. As long as you are currently employed in a hospital, the HCP coverage options are available; there is no minimum hour requirement for applicants. Rather, HCP offers plans that are designed around how many hours you work in an average week. Each plan option is designed for a different working population: casual, part-time, or retired. For individuals who may have difficulty accessing benefits due to pre-existing medical conditions, you do not need to submit a health questionnaire when you apply for HCP coverage. Applicants can, however, submit a statement of health along with their application to be considered for a higher level of coverage.


What Types of Coverage Does HCP Offer?


Plan 2 is HCP’s option for casual employees who work less than 18 hours in an average week. Within Plan 2, there are two guaranteed levels of coverage: Essential and Complete. Each level has different amounts of coverage included in them for each item included in the plan. Plan 2 provides complete coverage for its subscribers—here is a snapshot of what’s included in the plan:


Health Coverage:


Plan 2 offers coverage for a variety of health care services and medical items including the following: prescription medications, emergency coverage during out-of-country travel, hospital accommodations, and private duty nursing. There is also a comprehensive list of paramedical services that are covered through Plan 2 including podiatry, chiropody, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Prescription eyewear and coverage for optometrist appointments are also covered. There is also coverage for hearing aids and repairs included within Plan 2.


Optional Dental Coverage:         


There is dental coverage available as an add-on to Plan 2, which you can access at both the Essential and Complete levels. Within the optional dental coverage are two levels—Basic and Enhanced—that correspond with different levels of coverage for both routine and emergency dental care.


Accessing Coverage


HCP plans are designed to support the health needs of casual hospital employees by removing the burden of medical expenses. Protecting your mental and physical health by participating in health benefits is always a worthwhile investment!

Ann Marie Stuart

Ann Marie is an employee benefits professional with over 25 years of experience helping clients understand and leverage their benefits plan in groups across Canada. She has built her expertise with some of the largest employee benefit plan providers and multi-employee benefit trusts in Canada. Getting to know her clients is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her work and helping them navigate the complex nature of employee benefits is one of the most rewarding. Ann Marie loves to hunt for antique and vintage treasures everywhere she goes. She loves the beach and spends as much time as possible with family and friends.
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