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Teresa Anderson

As a part-time or casual hospital employee, you help improve people’s quality of life every single day. So why aren’t you doing the same for yourself? If you’re a part-time hospital employee, you likely don’t receive health care benefits from your employer. However, you should never let the fact that you don’t work full-time hinder you from receiving the best care.

Are you a part-time or casual hospital employee in need of health care  benefits? Request a quote today!

You may be asking yourself “does health care coverage for part-time and casual workers even exist?” In short, yes. Health care coverage for part-time and casual workers does exist. You just need to know where to find it. If you’re a current or retired part-time or casual hospital employee, there are options for your health care coverage.


No matter your title or weekly hours worked, everyone should have access to health care coverage. Yet, most employers that offer coverage only cover health benefits for full-time employees. If you’re a part-time or casual nurse, admin, OT/RMT, or service staff, find out why and how you should take advantage of health benefits.


What to Do If Your Employer Doesn’t Offer Coverage


33 percent of Canadians don’t have access to health care benefits from their employers. While it’s not mandatory for employers to provide their employees with benefits, it does help improve company morale and productivity. If you don’t have access to benefits from work, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.


If your employer doesn’t offer coverage, it’s easy to find your own. You can still find great healthcare plans, you just have to know where to look. Before you purchase benefits, it’s important to know what health care coverage options are available to you.


Available Health Care Coverage for Part-Time and Casual Workers


Although the Canadian government covers medical insurance for Canadians in their home province, there are many services that are not covered. Additional health care coverage for part-time and casual workers can include life insurance, accidental death, disease and dismemberment insurance, long term disability, and dental.


As a part-time or casual employee, you have the option to choose an individual or group benefits plan. Group benefits are a great option for anyone who is looking to pay less for the same coverage. Options are available that require no medical questionnaire, meaning that whatever your health history, you’re covered no matter what. Finally, group benefits are on a voluntary basis, meaning that you can stop contributing to group benefits at any time, and will still be eligible to reapply in the future.


Do You Qualify?


Although your medical history does not impact your eligibility for coverage, there are a few qualifications you still need to meet. You need to be working less than 18 hours per week, averaged if your hours are variable. You also need to be employed at the time you apply for benefits.


Does this sound like you? Then you qualify for healthcare benefits from Health Care Providers.


Why You Need Health Care Coverage


While you may be healthy right now, injuries and sickness are always unexpected. The best way to protect your future self is to invest in health care coverage today. Taking precautionary measures to ensure your health is the most important benefit of health care coverage. This will give you piece of mind so that you can live your life to the fullest without reservations.


You may not be worried about your own health care insurance if you’re covered under your spouse’s plan, however, this can be a problematic mentality to have. Even if your spouse has coverage, it’s a good idea to still have your own plan to make sure you’re taking advantage of all available benefits. Other people’s plans won’t guarantee your income. You’ll need your own plan to get long term disability, employee life, and accidental death insurance.


Teresa Anderson

Teresa is the Administrator and Financial Specialist at Health Care Providers and Corsana Group Benefits. She brings almost ten years of experience in customer service calls, plan member enrollments, customer related billing, financial reconciliations with insurance carriers, and HCP/Corsana monthly financial reports to her role. After a busy day, Teresa enjoys quiet time with her fiancé and their Rottweiler named Dieter and cat named Juice. Teresa loves swimming and playing backyard games with friends throughout the summer, and she hibernates during the winter months. From time to time, she’ll pick up her drawing pencils and sketchpad, and tries to sneak in as much time as she can with her two adult children.
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