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Cathleen Wright

Temporary part-time work is growing in Canada. It’s particularly on the rise in hospitals, where part-time workers often outnumber full-time employees.


Are you a part-time or casual hospital employee in need of health care  benefits? Request a quote today! 

This new norm in Canada is leading to a workplace chasm. This growth of the 15-hour work week puts many hard-working Canadians at a disadvantage to those with full-time jobs. Not only are temporary part-time workers often paid a lower wage, but they are typically excluded from the wide range of benefits offered to their full-time colleagues.


Why You Need a Benefits Plan


Joining a benefits plan can help you gain a degree of control over health expenses. It can reduce the financial burden of going to the dentist, purchasing glasses, or filling a prescription. It also makes you more likely to do all of those things, leading to a better quality of life. Generally, those who participate in group benefits plans are healthier in the long term than those who don’t.


But what options do part-time employees have? When excluded from their workplace group insurance plans, many temporary part-time workers simply go without insurance. Others look to purchasing their own policies but realize the costs are too high and the quality of the benefits are too low to make the purchase worth it.


There Is a Better Way


Part-time employees don’t have to choose between being uninsured or paying exorbitant premiums for less-than-valuable benefits.


As employers grow more reliant on temporary part-time workforces, the need for a solution has become more apparent. Now, an increasing number of employers, such as hospitals, are offering their part-time workers access to voluntary group benefits plans.


A voluntary group benefits plan is offered by an employer, but participation is completely voluntary and the premiums are entirely paid by the worker. What makes this better than purchasing an individual policy on your own? Thanks to group purchasing power, the premiums are reduced and the value of the benefits are increased. In short, you’ll get more for less money.


Not only does this offering make workplaces more alluring to job seekers, but it also leads to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. Employers understand all workers—not just full-time employees—want and need benefits. Voluntary benefits allow employers to meet the health needs of their entire workforces.


HCP’s Group Benefits Plan for Temporary Part-Time Employees


Health Care Providers (HCP) offers a roster of voluntary group benefits plans specifically for hospital workers who do not have access to coverage through their employers’ workplace plans. Plan 2 is a benefits package for casual part-time and temporary workers as well as retirees.


If you work fewer than 18 hours per week in a participating hospital, you can get coverage through HCP’s Plan 2.

Comprehensive health benefits at the Essential and Complete levels of coverage are guaranteed, and the potential for Optimum level of coverage may be offered based on the consideration of a statement of health.


The Essential and Complete levels include:

  • an annual maximum of $5,000
  • prescription drug coverage
  • out-of-country travel insurance
  • para-medical services
  • vision, audio, and medical items coverage
  • access to the Employee Assistance Program

The plan also comes with optional basic or enhanced dental coverage.


Get Started


Getting coverage through HCP’s Plan 2 is easy. The requirements are minimal, you can find the application forms online, and no statement of health form is required.


Fill out an application today and join the benefits plan for temporary part-time hospital employees. Don’t let your job status keep you down. Isn’t it about time you had the peace of mind that comes with having health benefits?



Cathleen Wright

With over 30 years of experience, Cathleen possesses an ever-growing knowledge of all aspects of group employee benefits, combined with expertise in the evolving landscape of the insurance industry. She is HIAA and ADR certified, in addition to numerous other professional sales and service certifications. When not working, Cathleen can be found at home watching the Leafs or the Blue Jays, and if it’s summer, she’ll be unplugged at the cottage with a book. Year round yoga is a must to maintain serenity, and a glass of wine or a margarita doesn’t hurt!
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