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Ann Marie Stuart

Part time hospital jobs are becoming more and more popular. While part-time work can offer the convenience of flexible hours, health benefits for part time hospital employees are often hard to find. Part-time employees complete the same tasks as their full-time colleagues, yet they are excluded from having their health needs provided for by a benefits package. Hospital employees take care of others who set foot in a hospital; should they not have their own health needs provided for as well?


With no benefits coverage, health expenses can really add up! When you have health benefits coverage, costs associated with a trip to the dentist, a prescription, or a new pair of glasses are a non-issue. However, when you think about each medical cost that you encounter throughout any given year, they can really impact your income, particularly when you need to pay for unexpected medical bills. Aside from the obvious coverage for medical expenses, health benefits have numerous other advantages. They offer peace of mind to employees and have been shown to increase workplace productivity, benefitting employees and employers alike.


We’re here to tell you that you do not need to worry about finding health benefits coverage if you are a part time hospital employee; there are options available! Check out these health care benefits for part time hospital employees, offered by Health Care Providers.


How Does It Work?


Health Care Providers (HCP) offers health benefits plans for part time hospital employees who would not typically have coverage provided by their employers. HCP provides voluntary group benefits plans to casual, part time, and retired hospital employees. You don’t have to work a minimum number of hours or submit a statement of health with your application; HCP guarantees that you will qualify for one of their levels of coverage.


If you are a part time hospital employee, HCP offers guaranteed coverage.


What Do They Include?


For part time hospital employees who work 18 or more hours per week, Health Care Providers (HCP) offers an extended health care plan called Plan 1. Plan 1 includes coverage for a variety of health services at two guaranteed levels, Essential and Complete. You also have the option of submitting a statement of health with your application to be considered for an Optimum level of coverage, which is available at no extra cost. For the full plan details, check out the HCP website. Here are some of the highlights of Plan 1’s health benefits for part time hospital employees:

Extended Health Care:

  • Prescription Drugs: Plan 1 includes coverage for drugs that legally require a prescription with the exception of those for smoking cessation, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.
  • Out-of-Country Travel: Emergency medical services are covered for up to 60 days per trip in a calendar year.
  • Private Duty Nursing: Both Essential and Complete levels offer coverage for the services of an RN, RPN, or LPN.

Paramedical Services:

  • Plan 1 offers coverage for the following services: massage therapy, chiropractic, osteopath, naturopath, acupuncture, dietician, occupational therapy, podiatry, chiropody, physiotherapy, psychology, and speech therapy.
  • Vision: Eye examinations as well as prescription eyewear are covered at both plan levels.
  • Audio: Hearing aids, including repairs and replacement parts, are also covered.

Plan 1 offers an optional dental plan that is available at an additional cost to your monthly plan premiums. Plan 1 also includes life insurance, long term disability benefits, and accidental death, disease, and dismemberment insurance.


As you can see, there are comprehensive health benefits for part time hospital employees that are easily available. Don’t hesitate to put your own good health first; applying for health benefits is a great investment in your own well-being.



Ann Marie Stuart

Ann Marie is an employee benefits professional with over 25 years of experience helping clients understand and leverage their benefits plan in groups across Canada. She has built her expertise with some of the largest employee benefit plan providers and multi-employee benefit trusts in Canada. Getting to know her clients is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her work and helping them navigate the complex nature of employee benefits is one of the most rewarding. Ann Marie loves to hunt for antique and vintage treasures everywhere she goes. She loves the beach and spends as much time as possible with family and friends.
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