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Tierney DiMarco

 Tags: Mental Health

How often do you go through a day without taking any time to care for yourself? Is healthy eating the first thing to vanish from your routine? Or perhaps getting regular exercise flies out the window? Maintaining your mental and physical health may seem like a goal that involves a big time commitment or one that is constantly out of reach.


There are, however, small changes that you can make in your lifestyle that will promote good health. Evaluating where you need to make changes to support mental and physical health is the first step in becoming a healthier you. Setting realistic goals for yourself will help you as you put your health plans into action. If you need some motivation and help getting started, here are 7 tips to maintain your mental and physical health:


1. Drink Lots of Water


Your body requires water to function, and drinking more water can alleviate aches and pains, improve energy levels, and flush out toxins. Staying hydrated keeps your body functioning at an optimal level. Keeping a bottle of water with you throughout the day will give you the chance to stay hydrated more easily.


2.Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Sleep


A good night’s sleep is always a good idea. Sleep allows your body to heal and recharge, giving you more energy for the next day. If sleep is something that you struggle with, take steps to eliminate stimulants before bed such as caffeine, alcohol, or screens (cellphones, TV, laptops, etc.). Your body will thank you for getting enough sleep and you will notice the effects!


3. Eat for Nourishment


Healthy eating can often seem like a chore. While it may seem like pre-packaged foods are convenient, you may sacrifice the nutritional value of your food for the sake of a grab-and-go meal. Choosing healthy options can be convenient, too! While it may require a bit more planning, foods that are as close as possible to being from the field or farm as possible are typically a good option.


4. Embrace a Good Work-Life Balance


Work has a tendency to take over large amounts of your time. Sometimes it can be unavoidable; however, if work takes over all of your time and energy, it might be time to step back and evaluate how you are making use of your time. Maintaining a positive work-life balance can increase your overall satisfaction and reduce your stress levels.


5. Make Time for Exercise


Getting your body moving is extremely important to maintain your overall mental and physical health. Depending on the type of exercise that you prefer, you can promote bone health, encourage weight loss, and increase muscular strength. Being physical for 30 minutes per day doesn’t require much of a time commitment but can greatly improve your health.


6. Take Time to Relax


Stress and the busyness of life can easily diminish your ability to relax. Relaxation can take whatever forms work best for you:  some common relaxing activities might be taking a walk, reading a book, exercising, meditation, and yoga. Taking a few minutes throughout the day to focus on something that you find relaxing will improve your state of mind and keep your stress levels low.


7. Take Advantage of Health Benefits for Prevention


If you have health benefits coverage, you can use them to maintain your physical and mental health by taking advantage of services such as dental and vision care as well as psychological services. Taking care of all aspects of your personal health is important for maintaining your well-being and enjoying the best possible quality of life.

Tierney DiMarco

Tierney is a communications specialist with over 12 years of experience in two industries, working with sales and marketing teams to develop and carry out marketing communications plans. Tierney has tackled projects including small and large scale advertising campaigns, print and digital marketing design, as well as copywriting and editing work. Off the clock, Tierney loves managing messy home renovations with her husband, muddy walks in the park with her schnauzer, and sleepless nights with her two toddlers. Her passions also include travel, photography, curling, and black and white movies.
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