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Tierney DiMarco

Hospitals rely on casual workers to operate smoothly. During busy times, casual workers can elect to pick up shifts at the hospital. They work as nurses, administrators, service staff, and other essential roles. Unlike their full-time counterparts, they don’t receive employee benefits through the hospital. Without benefits, employees can end up in a precarious position as they try to pay for their medical expenses.

Are you a part-time or casual hospital employee in need of health care  benefits? Request a quote today!

Health insurance plans for casual workers are now available. These plans are voluntary, which means you can choose whether or not you want to sign up. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t ignore these plans.


1. To Get Help Paying for Everyday Medical Expenses


Canadians are fortunate to have many government-funded healthcare services, but there are still services that aren’t covered by provincial health plans. Private health insurance helps people cover the costs of these services. People without private health insurance need to pay for dental care, vision care, paramedical services, prescription drugs, and other medical expenses on their own. These costs can add up quickly, even for people who are otherwise healthy. For casual workers with low hours and unpredictable paycheques, the costs can be even harder to manage.


With voluntary health insurance plans, casual hospital workers can get help paying for their everyday medical expenses. These plans include coverage for prescription drugs, so if you’re prescribed a medication, your insurance will help you pay for it. The plans also provide some coverage for paramedical services, like physiotherapy, speech therapy, and massage therapy. Vision care, including eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses, is also included. Basic and enhanced dental care can be added for an optional fee, if you want coverage for those services.


2. To Be Ready for Emergencies


Even the healthiest people can encounter emergencies, and these emergencies can be expensive. Health insurance plans help you prepare for possible emergencies. Hopefully, you’ll never need this coverage, but knowing it’s there can give you valuable peace of mind.


A dental accident is one of the emergencies you could encounter. Teeth can be cracked, broken, or even knocked out in car crashes, falls, and other types of accidents. HCP’s Plan 2 provides $1,500 of accidental dental coverage at the Essential level, so your dental treatment will be more affordable.


Emergencies can also happen during out-of-country travel. Provincial health plans may cover a portion of the cost of international emergency treatment, but patients need to pay for the rest. These treatments can cost thousands of dollars. With HCP’s Plan 2, casual hospital workers get $1,000,000 of coverage for out-of-country emergency medical services. This lets you travel without worrying about how you’ll pay for emergency care.


3. To Get Guaranteed Coverage


A major advantage of voluntary health insurance plans is that coverage is guaranteed. You and your family members are guaranteed to receive at least the Essential level of coverage. Health conditions and time of application aren’t considered. If you’ve had trouble getting approved for health insurance in the past, voluntary plans can help you get the coverage you need. Don’t ignore voluntary plans if you’re in this situation.


In some circumstances, you can be guaranteed the Complete level of coverage, which is a step above Essential. After some events, a 60-day window begins. If you apply within this 60-day window, you’ll be guaranteed coverage (with a few exceptions). Qualifying events include your initial hire date at the hospital or losing your group health coverage because of a reduction in your work hours.


Voluntary health insurance plans are available for casual hospital workers. If you’re employed on a casual basis, you shouldn’t ignore these plans. With health insurance, you can get help paying for everyday and emergency medical expenses and get guaranteed coverage. To get started, all you have to do is fill out an application form.



Tierney DiMarco

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