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Shannon Lebert

Around half of hospital employees are casual or part-time, and that means they’re not eligible to join their employers’ group health benefits plans. They need to pay for their health expenses out of pocket, which can be hard on casual or part-time wages.

If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering if there are any types of benefits plans you’re eligible for. The good news is there are now options available for hospital workers who aren’t employed full-time. Here are three of the health benefits plans available for hospital employees.


1. Benefits Plans for Casual Employees


Casual employees work less than 18 hours a week. They aren’t guaranteed any hours and may not be scheduled for shifts every week. This can be a precarious situation. Not having access to a benefits plan can make it harder to pay for healthcare expenses.


Employees in this situation can now get coverage through HCP’s Plan 2. This plan provides coverage for extended health care, like prescription drugs, private duty nursing, and out-of-country emergency medical services. It also covers paramedical services, including the services of physiotherapists, massage therapists, and podiatrists. Vision care, accidental dental, and hearing aids are also covered by this plan. Casual hospital employees can even get counselling sessions through an Employee Assistance Program. Optional dental coverage is available for an additional fee.


2. Benefits Plans for Part-Time Employees


Part-time employees work 18 hours a week or more, on average. While they work more hours than their casual counterparts, they could still have trouble paying for medical expenses. That’s why it’s so important to get a benefits plan. Employees in this situation have two options.


If you already have extended health coverage through a spousal plan, you can get Plan 1A. This plan excludes extended health care (since you already have it) and offers a few types of insurance. These include life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and accidental death, disease, and dismemberment insurance. With these additional types of insurance, you can have more peace of mind. Your income will be protected if something happens to you.


If you don’t have any coverage right now, you can apply for Plan 1. This plan includes the additional insurance options mentioned above, like life insurance. It also includes extended health care, like prescription drug coverage and paramedical services.


3. Benefits Plans for Retirees


If you’re lucky enough to have a benefits plan through your employer, you may not be able to keep it when you retire. Soon-to-be retirees will need to find new coverage to keep themselves protected. If you’ll be 65 years or older when you retire, you can apply for HCP’s 65+ Plan.


The 65+ plan provides extended health care coverage. The Essential level of the plan doesn’t provide drug coverage, while the Complete and Optimum levels do. Basic or enhanced dental coverage can be added as well.


How to Apply for Health Benefits Plans


Applying for these three types of health benefits plans is easy. To apply for any of these plans, you’ll need to fill out a group enrollment form. On this form, you’ll need to provide your name, address, and other basic information. If you have any dependents, their information needs to be included, too. On the form, specify which type of plan you’re applying for.


These three types of plans offer guaranteed acceptance at the Essential level. If you’d like to try to get a higher level of coverage, you can provide medical information on the Statement of Health form. Depending on your health status, you could get approved for more coverage.


With these health benefits plans, casual, part-time, and retired hospital employees can get help paying for medical expenses. Knowing you have the security of a benefits plan can provide valuable peace of mind. To get started, just fill out your application form.


Shannon Lebert

Shannon is the Benefits Administrator and Medical Underwriter for HCP and HMA. She conducts research to determine plan members eligibility for higher levels of coverage and enjoys working with the hospital human resources staff to ensure their employees are informed of the unique HCP group benefit plans. Shannon loves being an HCP team member and takes pride in being detail oriented. Outside of work, she loves spending time outdoors at the cottage, backcountry camping, and biking. When not outdoors, Shannon can be found watching movies and snuggling with her dog.
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